Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

01.04.09 at 15:34 hrs

Weekly Report No 439, CW 13

From Monday, 23.03.2009 until Sunday, 29.03.2009

In today"s report we again deal with the small details around the airport area and the progress made within this section.

A very creative wrapping to send flowers

Every once and again we make use of some fans" help when it comes to building small parts like, for instance, flowers. Since the many helpers are scattered all over Germany, they use very elaborate packing method to send the built parts by mail, thus making sure that nothing breaks. A very elaborate packing method was made up by Christoph Köhler. Packed in a huge cardboard box, Sönke found this transporting scaffold together with everything needed to handle it. Even the cutter to despruce the flowers was included! We"d like to take this opportunity to thank all helping hands for their good work, and for the relief they provide to us. By building these tiny details, they provide a great deal of the beauty of our layout.

Another kind of hotel beds

At first sight, one doesn" exactly think of hotel beds when you see them. For Bobby, however, even hotel beds must have some special kind of flair which is why he built them in a way, the gust in many a hotel can only dream of!

Columns for the large parking garage

In the last report we showed you Tina as she assembled a few plastic parts. Now a good deal of the raw building is finished and she could start painting the parts. After last week"s many discussions about what could be used as a size comparison (1€ coins, 50€ bills, 100€ bills, etc), one of our forum members (Michael alias HahNullMuehr) thought of this scale. With a length of 22,99 cm, it shows the model size in meters (1:87). many thanks for your idea, Michael! :-)

Plan for traffic signs along the airport roads

In order to establish a solid traffic management around an airport, one needs many traffic signs. These signs have been drawn in according to tha Hamburg protoype airport. Following this plan…

Mockup of a traffic sign bridge

…the traffic signs and traffic sign bridges will be modelled. The pictures bridge, however, is a mockup which is used to test the sizes of it"s parts (signs,lights, Masts).

Christian sets up the airport station platforms

Last week, Christian started to set up the long platforms for the airport station.

Lifts (Elevators) for the airport station

In order to provide access to the platforms for our miniature passengers, the lifts (elevators) and passenger bridges are also built in now.

View through the airport station

During the coming weeks, tracklaying will be the main task here, the illumination will be installed and then the detailling of the platforms will start.

Lars laying out the wire harness

During the last days, the electroni department occupied more and more space of the airport section, since they started to wire the parts of it. Lars is seen here as he lays out the wires for the track contacts.

Unique tags help to identify the wires later on

Having such a harness of wires, it is aboslutely vital to clearly mark each and every one of them in order to avoid lots of measuring tasks later on when it comes to connect them...

New advertizing columns in the Hamburg section

Another detail was added last week to the Hamburg section: more than 20 small advertizing columns from Messrs. Ströer have been integrated. These advertizing columns point to the initiative 'Missing children' which is supported since long by the Miniatur Wunderland.

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