Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

24.03.09 at 17:49 hrs

Weekly Report No 438, CW 12

From Monday, 16.03.2009 until Sunday, 22.03.2009

This week we work from the small model in the airport section to the large ones.

Mini-chopper for kids in the shopping mall

We start with a ride for children which one knows - for instance - from shopping malls. For a couple of cents kids can try to fly , or…

Mini-scooter for children

…try to race a mini scooter.

Weight lifting in 1:87

Of course, one can also show off how to handle weights…

Liftboy in 1:87

This gentleman will be the future master of the lifts in the airport section. All in all, six lifts will carry the passengers…

Airport station with lifts

…to the platforms of the airport station. Just in case, you didn't think further: all models shown above will of course be functional.

Production of airplane gangways

For some airport vehicle we started a serial production. Here, about 30 gangways are built which are needed for airplanes that cannot dock onto the terminal fingers.

Baseplate of the airport's largest parking garage

In report 429 we already showed you a relatively large parking garage. Now the model builders started a considerably larger parking lot which requires a specially built table to work on since the baseplate is so huge. On this table, the complete building will be assembled piece by piece.

Some pillars for the parking garage

Many parts still have to be crafted by hand, as for instance, the pillars...

Tina cuts the pillars for the parking lot

…which Tina cuts to length in this picture.

Club house for the garden allotment

Not only large buildings get their share of attention; the small ones are also taken care of. Here, Bobby finished the club house for the garden allotment. This model also received a transparent roof on one side, so that one can watch the activities inside the house.

Mathias studies the electrical plan for the airport

Now let's have a look at the larger models. Here we see Mathias as he stands at the basic electrical wiring scheme for the airport. Every light for airplane traffic has already been marked up by Gerrit and will now be transferred to the already set up…

Runway with taxiways

…runway and the taxiways.

Briefing at the airport with (f.l.) Gerrit, Gerhard, and René

During the last days, we saw Gerrit, Gerhard, and René quite often standing in the airport section and discuss detail questions which pop up every now and then.

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