Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

17.03.09 at 12:15 hrs

Weekly Report No 437, CW 11

Montag, 09.03.2009 bis Sonntag, 15.03.2009

Another busy week with new and exiting topics has passed.

Märklin special exhibition

Since the beginning of this week, Märklin showcases some interesting items from their 150-years company history in the Miniatur Wunderland. The exhibition demonstrates the developmont of the company as manufacturer of…

Märklin special exhibition

…girls' toys, small steam machines, and …

Historic Märklin toy train

…modelm railroads. The exhibition will open to the public until mid June 2009 and can be visited during our opening hours.

Setup of taxiways for the airport

Finally, the airport makes visible progress. The taxiways to the runway are built in and thus extend the runway section.

Sönke mounting the sections

Since this area consists of wooden baseplates, Sönke and …

Christian works lying on his back! :-)

…Christian have to pay close attention to a snug fit of all elements and the proper alignment of them. Otherwise, the rolling airplanes could experience some slight problems.

Container loader, fully extended

Not only the large parts of the airport are worked on but also some smaller details like this container loader. This model, however, is currently not yet…

Container loader in normal position

…mechanized and so some "manual work" is still needed to adjust the loading height.

Model of the Antonow AN-124

This model of an Antonow AN-124 could already be seen a few times in the airport photos. This week, we have one pictured devoted only to this beautiful model. Yes, we do intend to have some of these models and of it's larger sister - the Antonow AN-225 - flying in and out of Knuffingen Airport.

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