Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

10.03.09 um 12:95 hrs

Weekly Report 436, CW 10

From Monday, 02.03.2009 until Sunday, 08.03.2009

Another week has passed. We show you the progress of the airport and how mayn new details are created in the modelling shops.

Benchwork for the airport

After Gerrit´s test layout had been dismantled last week, Sönke and Christian are now busy to assemble the benchwork for the airport. Approximately next week we will be able to oversee the dimensions of this section.In the background...

New runway with baseplates and fascia

one can see that the runway also changed a bit. Not only have the new baseplates with the "'streets" been mounted but also received the runway a skirting along it´s sides. One reason for this was, of course, to protect the technical side from poking eyes; the main reason being to minimize noise as the catapult generates a certain noise level; despite all efforts.

A suitcase-trolley station with countless carts

The benchwork is not the only item that is worked on: the countless tiny details also receive a lot of attention. Here, for example, we see one of several bagge-cart stations which will later be placed into the terminals in order to facilitate moving the baggage around for our little Wunderlanders.

Details for the garden allotment

The garden allotments also need more details like these open outhouses, open air showers,...

Large buffet for a wedding party

or a huge buffet with lots of delicacies for a wedding party.

Is this a new ice-igloo for Scandinavia?

Our model builders also occupy on these curious transparent buildings. Maybe a new igloo for the ice-hotel in Scandinavia or an energy saving house which will later receive some greenery? We´ll tell you in the next report!

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