Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

03.03.09 at 12:53 hrs

Weekly Report No 435, CW 9

From Monday, 23.02.2009 until Sunday, 01.03.2009

An action-packed week lies behind us during which we not only dismantled the complete test layout of the airport but also were privileged to design some larger events as "handy" chunks..

Dismantled airport test layout

Where the test layout was located until last week, we now have total emptiness. Here, the table for the…

Baseplate elements for the new taxiways

…baseplate elements for the new taxiways will be mounted.

Test layout in new location

Those thinking that the test layout will be scrapped and hoping to snipe some parts at eBay will be disappointed. The test layout just moved a short distance thus enabling us to still conduct test runs of airplanes and mechanical parts.

Firestation for the airport

In weekly report no 433 this building was completely in the raw stadium. meanwhile, the windows are built in and the facades got the first layer of paint.

Roof construction of a hangar

This model was also already shown in report 433 when only the outer walls were ready. Now Judith works on the roof rafters which, of course, will also be built true to the prototype. Hopefully, this complies with static requirements! :-)

The team of the NEC Nijmegen visiting the Wunderland

Last Wednesday Frederik welcomed the team of the dutch soccer club NEC Nijmegen in the Miniatur Wunderland. Before playing the local club HSV during the UEFA cup challenge on Thursday, the team relaxed a bit in our exhibition.

Conductor of the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra Simone Young

At the preview of „100 Musicians, 50 locations, 1 concert“, Simone Young - conductor of the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra - last Wednesday presented "in a small scale" what will happen on March 2 in Music City Hamburg. More than 100 musicians will play the 2nd sinphony by Johannes Brahms at different locations in Hamburg. In order to be able to present this event in a more compact form to the media, …

1. Violine of the Philharmonics at the subway station

… our model builders created the musicians in 1/87 scale, located them at various places in our Hamburg section…

Mini musicians on the roofs of the Hamburg section

…and so created the complete Philharmonic Orchestra in miniature.

Slight accident in Knuffingen Station

To conclude this report, we'd like to show you a slight incident at Knuffingen station. Maybe the IC wanted to show the ICE the correct direction!

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