Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

25.02.09 at 11:52 hrs

Weekly Report No 434, CW 8

From Monday, 16.02.2009 until Sunday, 22.02.2009

It is Mardi Gras season and so we start this report approbiately to the "fifth season"!

Mardi Gras in Austria

As is approbiate for the "fifth season", a new team joined the slalom race. If 4-legged competitors are allowed to participate, however, has still to be determined! :-)

Finished staging area in the airport section

Two weeks ago, our team was busy here with construction work and now this area is ready for wiring.

The test layout in the airport section

After the runway has been finished now, the complete apron is under construction. For this purpose, the test layout used for various technical components testing, has to go.

Platform edges for the airport station

The preparing jobs for the airport station are going on at top speed since last week. Here we have the illuminated platform edges which are equipped with LEDs over the entire length as warning signs for incoming and departing trains. All in all, more than 2000 SMD-LEDs are used for this effect.

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