Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

10.02.09 um 11:05 hrs

Weekly Report No 432, CW 6

From Monday, 02.02.2009 to Sunday, 09.02.2009

Those having read report 431, most probobly wait for the explanation for picture 8. Unfortunately we have to postpone this until we have more pictures of the finished building. This week we will deal again with the more visible results like, for instance, …

Airport track laying

…the steel frame for the staging areas in the airport section. In report 424, one 'just' saw the staging areas which were loosely inserted into the framing. Meanwhile countless additional braces have been added for strength and as supports for the subroadbeds onto which…

Airport track laying

…Wolfgang may now lay countless meters of track.

Kids in vehicles

The model builders alway keep rising their standards. Not only are car doors opened but they also think about how even the smallest figures have to be transported.

Lighting electronics

In report 431 we showed you Holger as he built tiny neon tubes as lights into the parking garage. Now the work on this parking lot is almost finished and we can show you a lighted parking deck.

Lighting electronics

Since the neon tubes pictured above are scratchbuilt in our shops, we'd like to show you how we made them. The base is a plexiglas-stick and styrene sheet material (top left). The plexiglas is lightly sanded to achieve a somewhat dull effect. Two SMD-LEDs are fitted into the styrene and the whole assembly is glued to the plexiglas(bottom left). That done, two magnet wires have to be soldered to the fixture and there we have a 1:87 neon light! Sounds easy, but it still is a lot of work if you need some hundred pieces of them. .-)

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