Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

02.02.09 at 14:48 hrs

Weekly Report No 431, CW 5

From Monday, 26.01.2009 to Sunday, 01.02.2009

This week we start with the "wild animals" at the airport...

Ape enclosure for the airport

Every large airport needs of course a vetenerary station where animals are held in quarantine or await their departure. That is why Bobby is already building the needed enclosures and boxes for apes and dogs as is shown in this example,…

Horse stables for the vet station

… as well as for horses, and…

Elephants at the airport

…Elephants. Here, one also thought of the caretaker who plays a little tune for the small grey giant to calm him down!

Flower pots for the airport

Since Bobby is responsible for the flora and fauna in our team, he already plants the flower pots which will later be lined up around the terminals and other airport buildings.

New details for the parking lot

The details for the parking lots in the airport section are continously followed up. Currently, Christian buils a protected walkway for the users to come after…

Finished roof of the parking garage

…hed had finished the roof with alle the machines and security features. Once all this work is done, all models are due for…

Holger illuminates a parking garage

…for the electronics department where the colleagues build in the lighting as can be seen in this example of the parking garage shown in report 423, picture 4.

Curious building at the airport

If you pass by our airport section right now, you will most probably see this curious building made of cardboard boxes in one corner. What this will be in the end, is up to your phantasy and we look already now forward to the discussions in our forum :-)

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