Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.01.09 at 12:00 hrs

Weekly Report No. 430, CW 4

From Monday, 19.01.2009 to Sunday, 25.01.2009

Every week something new appears somewhere in the Miniatur Wunderland and quite often, it is a bit diffcult to follow up the changes and tell you the news in a report. Therefore, we today will report about two scenes that have alreadyy been implemented a couple of days ago.

Handball World Championship 2009, even in the Wunderland

Right on time for the start of the handball WCS we also find an adequate scene on our layout. As already discussed in our German forum and seen on tele, a small handball field has been set up on the roof of the Landungsbrücken in the Hamburg-section. Thorsten Jansen is just about to sink a 7 meter thrust.

Judith and Stefan discuss the greenery of the new ice-skating module

As is appobiate for the season, our team thought of a new interchangeable module for th Hamburg section. Judith and Stefan are seen here as they discuss the optics…

Greenery of the new module

…greenery around an ice scating rink on which some small Preisers are going to skate.

Finished module "Ice skating"

The module was finished by the end of the week and was integrated into the Hamburg section. Unfortunately, you can't see on the foto that the figures actually move around the on the "ice".

Finished facade of the parking garage

Last week we showed you Christian as he was about to build the facafe elements for the parking garage at the new airport section. This week already, it is finished but still removable. So we still can reach into the parking decks for maintenance work, if needed.

Ticket automats for the parking lots

In other workshops more details for the parking lots are created, as for example, these ticket machines which will be placed at the entrance of a parking lot.

Floodlights for airport's apron

The illumination for the airport is also well under way. Nearly 100 of the floddlight masts will later be needed to lighten up the airport's apron just like the prototype.

Sönke filing out the windows

Since our airplanes should resemble their prototypes as close as possible, they of course need real windows built into the hull. As most of the manufacturers unfortunately don't print windows onto their models,.…

Planes need windows!

… Sönke now has to file out the windows from each airplane's hull.

Creative construction

To conclude, we show you what can be built from a few scrap pieces and a bit of creativity. However, what this will be, the model builder would'nt tell us yet.

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