Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

20.01.09 um 12:12 hrs

Weekly Report No 429, CW 3

From Monday, 12.01.2009 to Sunday, 18.01.2009

More and more small and larger detailled scenes emerge at the airport area....

Trash bins

This week we start with the really small details. In order to keep the airport always clean, the authorities already now thought about a disposal concept. This large trash container will later contain the "junk" of our little Preisers. However, since one trash container is definitely not enough for an airport,…

Trash bin production line

…a few more are being built.

Christian had a small 'accident'

On picture 13 of the last report (WR 428), Christian was shown as he sawed out the ramps for the parking garage. Unfortunately, this construct broke down shortly after the photo was taken because Christian took off too much material. So he had to launch a second try,…

Ramps for the parking garage

… which so far looks like this. This time, Christian approaches the problem from the opposite side. Before he cuts into the tube, he glues on the ramps in order to stabilize the material. As you can see, wwe also learn something new every day! ;-)

More details for the parking garage

Another part for the prototypical contruction of the parking agarage is almost ready. This facade will later be applied directly to the parking garage,…

Facade for the parking garage

…as can be seen in this picture.

Annexes for the terminals

The shell for the terminals' annexes has also been finished last week and was positioned on the layout in order to test the proportions. The window- facaade-elements are still missing, of course, but will be applied during the next weeks.

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