Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

13.01.09 at 12:34 hrs

Weekly Report No 428, CW 2

From Monday, 05.01.2009 to Sunday, 11.01.2009

IF you look at the temperatures during the last days, you may say: "Ice-age is here"!

The canals in the Speicherstadt are completely covered with ice

Due to the low temperatures in the last days, it has happened: The canals in the Speicherstadt are completely covered with ice. It was , however, not the freezing port but more the drifting ice that came downstream and now clog the canals. Therfore, the rule is: „Don't touch“ ,…


… just look - at the beautiful view from our windows.

Penguins in Scandinavia?

Approbiately, Bobby again placed some small detail scenes in the layout! :-)

Hippie camp

Some more scenes have been set up by Bobby during the last weeks: There is a new hippie camp in the transition area between Germany and Denmark, featuring some nice details.

Drummers and dancers

Drummers and dancers

Tree house

A tree house

Cars of the hippies

The hippie's vehicles...

Sit in (or Come-together?)

A sit-in? Or a "Come together"? Never mind: "Peace!"

Painted parking garage

But back to our current construction site - the airport - for now. Christian finished painting the parking garage last week and also mounted the railing supports from last week's report.

Staircase of the parking garage

The staircases are also nearly finished, only the pedestrian access ramps need a bit of fine tuning! :-)

Cars on parking deck

The first cars are also positioned on the decks. But this is just done to get an impression wether one can see …

Open cars doors and trunk lids. Soenke currently is busy to "open" a couple of vehicles for the parking garage and for some scenes in the already existing layout areas.

Christian works on the park deck ramps

In order to enable the vehicles to reach the park decks, Christian currently builds the needed ramps. Can't wait to see the result next week :).

Illuminated taxi

This week, Sönke is mainly busy to convert the cars for the airport and , of course, taxis are needed there, too. Unfortunately, these vehicles are not lighted and so Soenke has to use all his skills and steady hands to fit in those delicate LEDs. An especially elaborate job is lighting the "Taxi"-sign: No wires must bee visible inside the taxi. The outer mirrors will also be added. Soenke just left them off for now, so he can't accidentially break them.

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