Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.01.09 at 10:53 hrs

Weekly Report No 427, CW 1

From Monday, 29.12.2008 to Sunday, 04.01.2009

The new year also has a new weekly report :). This week, we start right in the middle of the layout

Kenny repaires the sky rides in Austria

Due to the very high number of visitors during the holidays and the heavy use of the pushbuttons, it is no wonder that the the layout suffers from a couple of "bruises" here and there. The members of the technical team therefore are constantly busy (also during the holidays) to repair the damaged actions. Having more than 200 pushbuttons, this is not always easy and so some of them have to be repaired during business hours. Here we see Kenny as he tries to revive the sky rides in the Austrian section.

Visitor access to the airport

Since christmas, the airport is periodically open to our visitors. So from now on…

View to runway

…visitors can have a closer look at the runway. Should it happen that Gerrit stages testflights in order to test mechanical components or his programming, there's a lot of action to observe that so far occured behind "closed doors"..

Parts of the car park in the paint shop

Not only the technicians were busy during the holiday, our model builders also had some things to do who are currently about to assemble further buildings for the airport. For now,the largest building is the round car park. The park decks can be seen here as they dry after receiving their base coat.

Railing supports for the car park

The supports for the parking decks are already painted and will soon be mounted, …

Detailling the car park roof

..., for instance, to the roof level.

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