Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

17.02.09 at 12:07 hrs

Special airport report CW 6

We have some news for you.

In the last reports we already showed you many details from the airport section. Today we would like make another sneak peek into this exiting building area possible for you....

The old runway

This picture won't be seen for long as the old runway will be dismantled in the next days. Since it was more a test device than a regular runway, it has it's kinks like, for instance, bumps in the surface and will be replaced with a new runway quite soon.

Airport trolleys

Meanwhile, the infrastructure of the airport is improved – here you see a part of the vehicles that will be responsible for baggage transport. Not only the suitcases and bags of the passengers but also many other pieces of freight will be transported using these vehicles.


Another important part of the airport section are the rescue vehicles and their personel - here we have an ambulance which will be stationed at the airport.

Airport personel

Here you see some airport workers waiting for their shifts to come. Since some of them have missing body parts, here is the expanation: These figures are ther drivers for the above shown vehicles and won't otherwise fit behind the wheel....


You already had a glimpse at the first airport buildings in the last reports.Here we have an escalator (yes, we do have more of them) for the buildings. After completion, the escalators won't be functional but will be illuminated from the bottom.

Garden lots in airport proximity

As already mentioned in an earlier report, there will be garden lots in direct proximity of the airport. For this, some green houses,....

Swimming pools and ponds

... swimming pools and ponds,...

Sunshades and trash containers

... sunshades and trash containers,...

Greenery for the garden lots

....and more plants have been prepared.

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