Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

24.12.01 at 12:35 hrs

Weekly Report No 60, CW 51

From Monday, 17.12.2001 to Sunday, 23.12.2001

Although christmas is lurking around every corner, we found enough time to make some considerable progress (something, we certainly won't be able to achieve next week ;-). While the electronics and track layers wired the first branchline (S-Bahn with catenary) for test runs, the landscapers (especially the wood worms) could gain considerable ground.

The town slowly starts to show a face....

A temporary bridge

A temporary bridge (long track in the picture's center)

A temporary bridge

closes the loop to enable thorough testing of the branchline staging yards.

A soccer arena will go on top of this staging yard

A soccer arena will go on top of this staging yard. To make it easier for the landscapers, the benchwork in this area has been reinforced with steel square pipes. Thus, this area can be walked on in future which, in turn, facilitates future work jobs a lot.

Benchwork and main streets of the city

To the left: a main road. The reminus will be created at its left side. Good to see at the right side: canals meander through the inner city area.

The location of the Speicherstadt Hamburg

Here, the Speicherstadt Hamburg will be created. High towering warehouses separated by canals, and a connection to the Port Railway....