Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

10.12.01 at 12:38 hrs

Weekly Report No 58, CW 49

From Monday, 03.12.2001 to Sunday, 09.12.2001

Again, many things were accomplished. Unfortunately, the results can barely be shown in pictures ( in a sensible way ) unless you want to see "spaghetti bowls" of wire harnesses and so this report is abit shorter than usual... :-)

But at least, the valued reader now has a chance to present his "Golden Shot" to the public, even without the normally needed webspace. In the menu visitor pictures, pictures up to a size of 300Kb may now be uploaded to our site.

This is going to be the first visible station

This is going to be the first visible station. It will be pre-wired as far as possible and built in after the wiring - the goal of this measure is to save time on wiring.

Landscape under construction

Although no subroadbeds are down yet (the wiring of the staging yards has top priority), the rough form of the landscape can already be anticipated.

Harry cuts subroadbeds

While Harry happily cuts subroadbeds...

Kurt modifies turnout motors

... and Kurt modifies turnout motors (the end contacts wear out very fast and so we don't use them), a problem nestled in in another place...

Dinos in the Wunderland

Now, who let these little critters out of their cage??? This smells like trouble....