Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

03.12.01 at 12:40 hrs

Weekly Report No 57, CW 48

From Monday, 26.11.2001 to Sunday, 02.12.2001

Another week has passed and while the electronics are busy wiring staging yards, the "woodworms" already set up the first risers.

Very slowly, the landscapes starts to show structure with its rolling hills and the generously laid out right-of-ways. First subroadbeds already let anticipate whre the hardcore railfans will have to position in future...

And while in section 2.1 "new land" is aquired, Gerrit (with almost heavenly patience and a brutal amount of time) worked on his next masterpiece which today premiered accompanied by many "Ahh's" and "Ohhhh's"!!!!

Construction of the layout continues

The first stretches of track already snake up from the underground for some fresh air.

Tracks in a staging yard

Add a couple of supports and the risers can take on some weight....

Turnout decoders

These turnout decoders are made by Littfinski and mounted to a swing-out board which facilitates maintenance and work.

Main track feeders for a staging yard

Main track feeders for a staging yard. Wether or not the three ground wires (black - in the center) make sence or are prone to misunderstandings, is yet a point of discussions....

The Coca-Cola truck

A new truck for the Car-System. Brutal 58!!!! hours building time ahve been invested into this fantastic and hilarious truck. Whre Gerrit dug out this amount of time will always be a mystery (this guy already works 100 hours per week!!!) but one thing can be said without exaggeration:

The Coca-Cola truck

Investing that much time into this (with 142 LEDs equipped) "Chirstmas marvel" was well worth it!!!!!!