Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

26.11.01 at 12:42 hrs

Weekly Report No 56, CW 47

From Monday, 19.11.2001 to Sunday, 25.11.2001

Slowly (as it may appear) but surely, progress is made. Two staging yards are already built in and a third one is almost ready to go in (as soon as Carsten finished wiring it).

But we also had a drawback: Dur to a planning mistake we had to rebuilt (at least partly) one staging yard (Thank God, this one is not yet wired....).

And we have news: There will be a shop so that collectors can get their items, even though they don't show up here once a week. We currently work on a PHP-based version with which it will even be possible to check the order status (arrived, pending, sent out) online. Until then, we have a temporry order form, which works from now on.....

Remark of the editor (Sep. 2007): of course, our online shop is up and running for a couple years now...

Wiring the layout

Another method to wire - there's not always the need to solder, sometimes, a crimping tool works just as well.

A staging yard after wiring

Even in spite of the fact that the staging yards are pre-wired...

A staging yard after wiring

... it often looks very chaotic after implementing the staging yard. But don't be fooled: behind this ostensive chaos is a well thought-of system!!!

Overturned staging yard

Another staging yard: When turned upside down, it is easy to wire neat harnesses for track feeders, occupancy detectors, and turnout controls.

Implemented staging yard

The second built-in staging yard has something special to it: Due to the relatively flat landscape we lack a bit of vertical space. So we had to position this yard on a gradient(the entry is 8 cms ( 3.14 inches ) higher than the lowest point which is 7 meters ( 22.96 feet ) away. This results in a grade of just over 1% which the trains have to tackle when leaving the staging yard!) .

A well documented harness!!!

Hopefully, none of the tags are lost - to find a single wire in this "spaghetti bowl" is similar to finding the famous "needle in a haystack"!

Gaston studies the plans for his next project

"Wood worm" and bridge specialist Gaston studies plans for a very special project...

Plans of the next bridge

...the expert knows instantly: These are the original plans of a somewhat larger bridge located in Hamburg. No, we won't disclose the name yet!

Calculating risers

Here, Christian and Thorsten go wild: Calculate and measure the risers, transfer the contours to wood, and cut them out - a jon already done for the first 30 square meters ( 322.91 sq ft ) in section 2.1. They will be attached as soon as the staging yards have all been wired.

Planning feeder blocks

Werner at another important job: Plans for track feeder blocks have to be made in order to let the track layers know where gaps and track feeders have to go and which booster is responsible for which area.