Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

06.11.00 at 14:28 hrs

Weekly Report No 1, CW 44

Montag, 30.10.2000 bis Sonntag, 05.11.2000

Now it is official: the rooms are rented since 11/01/2000. As you can see on the following pictures, there's a lot to do! This is the place where a dust-free, wonderful location for our layout is to be created! At the same time, our model railroader Gerhard Dauscher is making up the plans for the first of 5 building sections! We have our first article in the Hamburger Abendblatt and the Bild-Zeitung (both are newspapers). Our call : "Model railroaders wanted" flooded us with more than 160 applicants! After long thoughts and sightings we selected 40 of them. Two groups of 20 will have to attend a seminar with us and Gerhard Dauscher on 2 weekends. After that we will have to decide on approx. 15-20 model railroaders. We're a bit unsure and anxious if it works out to form a group of 15-20 model railroaders of different age and character into a harmonic team!

Material crane

This material lift at the wall will be of much importance to us during the next weeks!

The Speicherstadt, our building!

That's how one of the most beautiful houses of the historic Speicherstadt looks like. Here we will be found. It is a dream => the most beautiful location one can find for such a project. We'd like to take the opportunity to express our thanks to the HHLA and most of all their Board of Directors and Mr. Nelde for their trust in our project! We'll pay it back a hundred times!

The construction site

That's the present state! One can guess a bit what the future has at stake for us!

This is just 1/10th of our area!

Here you see about 10 percent of our total floor area. Impossible to summarize the total size of this object in pictures!

The first materials arrived

After an inventory the first building materials arrive. We start by renovating the ceiling. The first dry-wall panels have arrived!

The 'deliveries gate'

During the next weeks this will be the place where hundreds of tons of building materials, track, etc. will arrive at our location. In ancient times, coffee was hauled up by cranes and block and tackle. Today, the lift shown above will do this work for us. Only it ain't coffee any more...

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