Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

27.11.00 at 14:37 hrs

Weekly Report No 4, CW 47

From Monday, 20.11.2000 to Sunday, 26.11.2000

The 2nd casting with the next 20 attendees is about to be held. We are curious to see which friendly and creative people we are about to meet this time! The plans for the first of 5 building sections are ready. Absolutely hilarious! Gerhard Dauscher topped himself! We can't wait to get started. The first building section will feature about 100 square meters ( 1,076.39 sq ft ) rolling mountains with beautiful river valleys, a large fun fair, and many surprises. 1.2 kilometers ( 3,937 feet ) of track will be needed for this section. The first orders for wood went out. The rooms slowly start to show some shape! This week's task is to build in a new floor!

Steel columns in the Wunderland

The more than 100 columns are ready!

Steel I-beams in the Wunderland

Steel I-beams in the Wunderland

Now we start cleaning and renovating the ceiling beams!

Gerhard Dauscher at a seminar

Gerhard Dauscher reveals some of his tricks and teaches the second group of our seminar attendees!

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