Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

20.11.00 at 14:41 hrs

Weekly Report No 3, CW 46

From Monday, 13.11.2000 to Sunday, 19.11.2000

This week is totally reserved for planning. Our's and Gerhard Dauscher's ideas are worked over. Never before had a professional modeler such fantastic possibilities to realize even the craziest ideas. With the sheer size of this project, nearly everything goes! We laugh, stunn und puzzle about absolutely maniac ideas that come up. During our brainstorming in the evening. we now have already more than 200 ideas on our list. Gerhard Dauscher already implemented as many as possible of them into the first building phase. We realize that, although we're quite experienced in stage- and disco-techniques, we need more high-qualified assistance. This week we were able to hire two electronic cracks who now brood about our ideas. There's good progress on the layout-site.

Our steel beams are quite a show-off

The wonderful steel columns (more than 100 !!!) are sanded and painted. This makes for a nice station-flair!

First paint jobs are tackled

After the first drywall panels are under the ceiling, no time is wasted and the painters move in.

Logistical challenge: getting rid of the rubble

Much work, much rubble! For the time being, we need one container of 10 qbm capacity a day to get rid of old materials.

The first climate channels go up...

Air-condition channels are mounted all over the place. Unbelievingly expensive but a warranty for a long life of our small world! The air-condition will guarantie a steady temperature and humidity so that the various materials won't warp, and will keep the air somewhat dust-free. As all model railroaders know: Dust is our enemy #1!

A power section

The first utility-closets are installed. Initial calculations tell us that we will need at least 15,000 kwh of power a month!

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