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Gerrit's Diary Vol. 20

Airport buildings, new aircrafts, and a walkabout in different workshops...

Gerrits Diary Vol. 20

 Englisch subtitles available on youtube!!!

 In this volume of Gerrit’s Diary, he talks about erasing final problems with the software and beaconing at the runway, as well as technical help for the control station later on. Many of the technical buildings are already finished and functioning, for example: Cargo terminals, hangars, defroster and tanking stations, the catering terminal and Airport fire department. Five brand new airplanes want to be introduced. Also, Gerrit grants a glance into the wiring underneath the layout as seen by our electricians. Gerrit visits the electronic department, where some of our airplanes need first repairs, and the propellers for our first propeller airplane are being tested. Finally, Gerrit surprises Sven in his office, where some colleagues are working on the circuit boards for the sound matrix of the Airport. These and even more topics are awaiting you in this issue. Have fun!

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schrieb am 04.11.2010 um 21:33 Uhr
I'm perplexed and saddened. I've been trying to view Gettets vol.20 for a month now, to no avail. I've tried it in 3 browsers, and each time (around the 1-minute 20-second mark) the video locks up and crashed my computer. It's the only video on YouTube (I've watched thousands of video on YouTube) and it's the only video that hurts my computer. Is the video/Closed Captioned function corrupted or have a virus? Am I the only person in America that can't play this video and who has shared this with you? Thank You.

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