09.03.2010 at 15:54 hrs
Age: 8 Year(s)

Gerrit's Diary Vol. 14: Installing technology and more

Installing technology, new aircrafts, and more…

Right after the „topping-out“ ceremony, Gerrit and his comrads-in-arms are back to work. The labour for the Car System, or the staging airports is not done yet. This time, Gerrit’s Diary thematizes the installation of the Car System in the new panels, and the progress made in the staging Airports.

In this edition, we will also introduce three new aircraft models. Equipped with intricate technology, the Airbus A 319, A320, and A321 have their maiden flights behind them.

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schrieb am 06.12.2010 um 07:29 Uhr
Absolutely unbelievable! What wonderfully amazing detail and perfection.

schrieb am 07.04.2013 um 22:22 Uhr
That's a real shame that it's not getting the best loonikg 1080p since I do agree that this series DOES deserve the best. Plus, Whynot is the only group releasing Steins; Gate in 1080p, I hope people realize that. I think the main issue is 1) people are ignorant and happen to disable themselves from reading the post and past comments about the release. 2) People visit the home page and they don't see any status update and they're oblivious to your blog which has the status update.Whatever the case may be with Steins; Gate, I'm still loonikg forward to the release. Thanks again.

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