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08.07.2009 at 13:55 hrs
Age: 9 Year(s)


... and some crazy things you can use them for.

We actually illuminate Las Vegas with them, but in Wales someone recently had an altogether different idea...;-)

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schrieb am 12.03.2012 um 17:54 Uhr
These are all great tips! One thing I'd like to add is to make sure you enable video ebinddmeg. This allows viewers to share the video on their own blogs, which increases the amount of viral activity and buzz that the video generates. Very nice list!On a sidenote: what do you think of Vimeo as an up-and-coming YouTube competitor?

schrieb am 14.03.2012 um 03:04 Uhr
Once I received a call offering me a decent sum to turn for a pianist for a chamber music concert. I was pleased to finally get paid for something I'd been doing pro bono for years. I got there early and met with the pianist. He seemed high-strung but some people are before a concert. I clarified repeat issues with him and he assured me he was a clear nodder.The concert began and I soon saw why he was so high-strung; his mediocre technique and limited musicality made him a bad choice to play the well-known Beethoven and Brahms trios he was tackling (almost literally, football player style). We got towards the end of the first page and he did not nod. I figured, Maybe he likes memorize the beginning of the next page and have late turns. Nope as we reached the last two beats he abruptly turned his heard toward me and, in a low, gruff voice barked, Turn! This disagreeable ritual was repeated for most of the performance. I thought it might have been less disruptive for him and the audience to nod as he said. No such luck. I made it through and didn't mess it up, but he really unnerved me and I dare say I was very deserving of my pay that evening.

schrieb am 23.03.2012 um 10:03 Uhr
Liz is not just ANY page turner. Liz is the Heifetz, the Pavarotti, the veritable Yo-Yo Ma of page turners. She is the kind of page turned who, if I was completely fumbling a difficult passage, would suddenly have an uncontrollable puking fit so as to draw attention away from my screwup. She also knows exactly how many pieces of sushi you might need at intermission. At least that's my experience; your mileage may vary One last bit of clothing advice for page turners: No dangly loose jackets. I once played a whole violin recital with silk caressing my left cheek at every turn. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it, but it was kind of distracting.

schrieb am 24.03.2012 um 08:55 Uhr
Once upon a time, I turned pages for Jamie when he performed the Kreutzer Sonata at a studio class. This was before I played it myself, so I was unfamiliar with the theme & variations movement. There's one particular variation which is 2 straight pages of 16th notes, and 2 repeats. I made the mistake of glancing away from the page for a second, and discovered to my horror when I looked back that I couldn't remember a) where we were, and b) whether we had done the repeats. I ended up half-standing & hovering for what seemed like an eternity, with Jamie kindly giving me subtle no shakes and finally a clear yes nod.Then there was the time that I turned for a friend playing in a vocal recital @ Scotiafest. He asked me at the last minute as a favour, so I accepted, forgetting that I was battling the remnants of a nasty cough. There's nothing like being on stage and NOT BEING ALLOWED TO COUGH that will make you want to cough up a lung. I managed to get through the entire thing without once coughing during a piece, but then had a friend in the audience comment on the odd expression on my face at various times.

schrieb am 05.04.2012 um 06:31 Uhr
You are right -the other guy is definitely a retard but I am also curious about the scale as are many other model railroaders. Not as in “1:50″ etc but curious if it is an “HO” or “N” guage, etc. Regards.

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