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10.07.2007 at 22:14 hrs
Age: 11 Year(s)

Overhead catenary and pantographs...

Why don't we use live overhead catenary and pantographs?

In the history of the Wunderland again and again there have been long (and sometimes very hot tempered) discussions in the forum about pantographs and overhead catenary. To get to the point:

The pantographs are not up in order to prevent depletion and accidents. Theoretically, we could have fixed them at a certain height just underneath the overhead catenary. However, as there are various overhead catenary systems in the Miniatur Wunderland with different heights above track level, this is not easy to manage. Fixing the panthographs at about half height is as unrealistic as having them completely retracted. So only completely expanded pantographs are left, and that much "reality" simply is not affordable for us as a permanent exhibition:

This video impressively shows what could happen daily in our exhibition when using live panthographs....

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schrieb am 23.11.2011 um 11:49 Uhr
Never would have thunk I would find this so indipsnseable.

schrieb am 08.12.2011 um 03:56 Uhr
Was kind of wondering why they weren't being used.

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