Videos of the Wunderland

Since the opening of the Miniatur Wunderland in 2001, we have collected dozens of hours of video material. Additionally, there are over 200 TV programmes from different countries (e.g. Korea, Canada, France, Czechia, England, USA). In this section we offer you some of these programmes as well as our edited material.

In addition, we created our own IPTV channel called „MiWuLa TV“, which broadcasts new programmes about the Wunderland weekly – moderated by Lars Rösenberg.

If you have never been in the Wunderland, we suggest watching the 2-minutes-montage.

Your internet browser program needs the Flashplayer plugin to show the videos.

Have fun!


Image movie

Get an impression of the Wunderland in five minutes!


New programmes are broadcasted on our IPTV channel MIWULA TV weekly.

Camera Tours

You can fly over the Wunderland and experience it from a bird's eye view. Our camera tours make it possible!

Train Rides

Our train rides offer a different option to experience the Wunderland. Jump up! 

latest videos