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Fact sheet - Maximus

Ship name Maximus
Ship No. 6
Ship type Tug
Launching 01.10.2005
Construction time 60 hours
Length 354 mm
Hight 118 mm
Width 83 mm
Draft 30 mm
Processors 6
Voltage 12 Volt
Battery 1450 mAmp
Builder Model Scrapeyard Döscher / Holger Ballasch
Hulk Polystyrol
Features Various light features according to the original. All common light signals are possible, but also for the tugging service.
Drive 1 propeller by e-motor
  2 servo drives for berthing support
  1 rudder by servo

Bildergalerie Maximus

Maximus - Schiffstyp: Schlepper
Maximus - Schiffstyp: Schlepper
Maximus - Schiffstyp: Schlepper

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