Crown Prince Frederik

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Fact sheet - Kronprinz Frederik

Ship name Kronprinz Frederik
Ship No. 12
Ship type Car-ferry
Launching 10.06.2005
Construction time 650 hours
Length 1547 mm
Height 344 mm
Width 231 mm
Draft 79 mm
Processors 9
Voltage 12 Volt
Battery 7000 mAmp
Builder Model shipyard Döscher and Holger Ballasch
Hulk GFK
Description Contrary to the original, the ship Kronprinz Frederik is not only uses as car-ferry in the Wunderland, but also in service as train-ferry. We are able to load a train plus ten trucks on the ship.
Features Rotating radar, various light features according to original. All common light signals are possible. Functional bow flap, functional stern flap, mechanical lock mechanism for secure loading and unloading.
Drive 1 propeller by e-motor
  1 bow thruster by e-motor
  1 stern thruster by e-motor
  4 servo drivers for berthing support
  1 rudder servo
  1 bow flap servo
  1 stern flap servo

Bildergalerie Kronprins Frederik

Kronprins Frederik - Schiffstyp: Autofähre
Kronprins Frederik - Schiffstyp: Autofähre
Kronprins Frederik - Schiffstyp: Autofähre

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