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06.06.2007, 20:45 hrs
Age: 11 Year(s)

Under table switch motors

In the old sections, we unfortunately have visible switch motors.

When we began construction in the year 2000, we had no way of anticipating the level of quality that the Wunderland would reach in terms of craftsmanship.

To this end, we never really thought it would be a big problem to have visibile switch motors attached to the units. Today, however, we have much higher standards and incorporate these units invisibly underneath the switch mechanisms.

Although the durability of the new, hidden motors is less due to their weight, we and our visitors definitely appreciate this cosmetic improvement. Today, almost all newly-installed switch motors go below the switches.

Our goal is to retro-fit at least 50-60% of the old switches in the Alps and Hamburg with the new hidden versions. This will not be possible on all units as in some areas it is simply impossible to reconstruct the switches. For this refitting, we will require about 1-2 years, with at least 50% completed by the end of 2008.

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