2. Track – Skandinavia

Straßen- und Eisenbahnbrücke die Dänemark mit Norwegen verbindet

Those not being free from giddiness shouldn’t look out of the window when crossing the Storebelt bridge. High above the (real) water of the Wunderland ocean, we leave Denmark on an 8 meters long suspension bridge. In the shallows of the sea one can see wrecks, many ocean animals, and the sunken town of Atlantis which in the Wunderland even has it’s own railroad access along the ocean’s ground. If you missed out the offshore platform at the horizon: don’t worry, there lots more of industrial areas in the norwegian port of Bergvik. Apart from a dry-dock and a container terminal including ore docks, the ferry “Kronprinz Frederik” certainly draws the attention of the visitor. In the very near future, cars will be driven aboard this ship. If you can spare a bit of time, try a boat trip through the harbour; the lock alone is an adventure to itself. A bit further up the river is a bascule bridge made from steel framework which slowly opens to let us pass. Shortly after this passage the ship disappears between steep cliffs in the narrow fjord. If we look back when leaving the port of Bergvik, we see a contrast that couldn’t be any larger: The 800-year old stave church – built with axes and bare hands – and a bit further down the Arctic Sea Cathedral of Tromsö which was built using steel, aluminium, and glas.

Now cover your ears with a hoodie to protect them against the ice cold northern winds! The trip goes on to snow covered Sweden where Pippi Langstrumpf, Mr. Nilsson, and the Small Uncle greet from the first station we approach. However, the “Villa Kunterbunt” can barely bee seen in the snow coming down. Really “cool” guys book a night at the Ice-Hotel which is newly built every year using big chunks of ice. If this is still not enough, come with us to the shores of the Arctic Sea. Icebergs are adrift south and those who still don’t freeze get the creeps when the “Flying Dutchman” appears…

To top the trip, we visit the Kiruna Ore Mines. A vast area is covered by the buildings that transform raw iron ore to fine pellets using a rotating furnace. These pellets are loaded into 7 meter long trains and sent off to the ore docks of Bergvik. In the romantic town center one can easily watch which dangers go along with heavy snowfall.  

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