3.Track - Hamburg

Coming from the south, we pass Bad Klosterberg and approach the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg. As usual in a buzzing city, skyscrapers dominate the picture on our arrival. Where there are free spaces and no highrises, they will soon be built! The first cranes come into sight when we approach Berliner Tor which is a major passenger station in the Wunderland with a main hall made entirely of glas. A new megacity is being built here which might well be a new landmark with it’s modern glas facades. The only drawback is, that the new building sits on the foundation of a historical old plant which some people would like to convert to a cultural center.

Looking through the glas panes of the station hall, one can see the fair ground where the yearly „Hanseboot“ fair lures the masses to look at the boats. For those needing a rest, the rotating restaurant in the TV-tower high above the town’s roofs offers a wide choice of cakes and coffee.

Some visitors are really astonished to see the maze of track leading to the platforms at Central Station. These tracks make sure that every train arrives at it’s track without complicated movements. To our left we see the engine facilities and the roundhouses where locomotives are serviced and stay overnight.

The traveller arriving at Central Station has a couple of connections to dive into Hamburg’s nightlife: S-Bahn, metro (called U-Bahn), tram, bus, or taxi. The stressed citizens, however, use the train for a short ride to the northern beaches or even travel further to Denmark to get a clear head in the fresh breeze. Before the air gets any fresher, it gets somewhat worse: on the trip to the coast, the train passes a waste plant with it’s  smoke stacks billowing soot laden clouds.

If you turn your head to the harbor side, many cranes serving the moored ships speak for the commercial skill and craftsmanship of this town.

The architects and builders proved, by the way, that you don’t need valleys and mountains to build a high and long bridge, by erecting the Köhlbrandbrücke.

Finally, the animals in Hamburg’s zoo called Hagenbecks Tierpark, greet the traveller with a complete serenade of sounds, the most distinct one would be the trumpet blow of the elephants. Well, and if you’d like to know where the dinosaurs come from, hmmm, you have to be a bit patient because this and other stories will be told at another time…


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