Büssing 8000 'Nivea'

Traffic control station Knuffingen - report for vehicle No. 122

Last inspection at odometer reading 15111 Km on 12.02.2018.

Fact sheet Büssing 8000 'Nivea'

Vehicle name Büssing 8000 'Nivea'
Vehicle No. 122
Type truck with trailers
Date of initial registration 27.01.2005
Chassis frame Wiking / Eigenbau
Coachwork Wiking
Motor NoName
Builder Axel und Gerrit
Number of lights 16
Construction time 9 hours
Battery capacity 800 mAmp
Characteristics Concerning this vehicle, I found the following description in ebay: "In the 50s the Büssing 8000er trucks ran on the streets through Germany for Nivea. Decades later the "Captains of the roads" were still dreaming of their adventures, explaining how they literally cranked the huge steering wheels in order to drive through a curve. It is of a limited collection and is a very desired collector's item." Tanks to the author.
Features 10 speed levels, cruise control
  2 headlights (true white)
  2 front lights (true white)
  6 blinkers / warning lights
  4 tail-ligths / stoplights
  1 light in driver's cab
  1 illuminated nameplate "Motorwagen MIT Anhänger"

Photo gallery Büssing 8000 'Nivea'

Büssing 8000 'Nivea'
Büssing 8000 'Nivea'
Büssing 8000 'Nivea'
Büssing 8000 'Nivea'
Büssing 8000 'Nivea'

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