Sanitary Truck 4

Traffic Supervision Knuffingen -Report Vehicle No. 242

Last inspection at odometer reading 2849 Km on 12.02.2018.

Sanitary Truck 4

Vehicle name Sanitary Truck 4
Vehicle No. 242
Type Water Truck
Initial registration date 12/23/2009
Chassis Self-made
Body Self-made
Motor Mabuchi
Constructor Jens (Gerrit, Axel, Felix)
Lights 15
Actual construction time 10 hrs.
Storage battery capacity 650 mAmp
Distinctive feature Because of their size, we modeled them after a sanitary truck. In order to save space, we placed in a reclined engine mount
  10 speed levels
  2 head lights
  2 headlamps
  4 turn signals / warning lights
  2 rear lights / brake lights
  4 yellow side-marker lights
  1 cab light

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