Carsystem Database

On these pages you find a database of vehicles which are part of our famous Carsystem. The cars, trucks, fire engines and others run in the different sections of the exhibit. The vehicles are split up into categories.


Truck with trailer

Overview of all trucks hauling two trailers through the sections of the Wunderland.

Semi-trailer truck

Overview of all semi-trailer trucks running in the streets of Wunderland.

trucks of 7.5 - 12t

Overview of all trucks of 7.5 to 12 tonnes which are running in the Wunderland.

Special vehicles

Auxiliary vehicles which are on the road in Wunderland.

Fire station 1

Emergency vehicles of station 1 in Knuffingen.

Fire station 2

Emergency vehicles of station 2 - position is the fiddle yard of Knuffingen.

Fire station 3

Emergency vehicles of station 3 - position is the freeway's balloon loop.

Special vehicles

Special vehicles of Knuffingen's fire department.

Volunteer FD

Wunderland's inhabitants take active part in the volunteer fire department in Knuffingen.

Mini van

Currently, there is only one mini van on the streets of our exhibit.


Here you find an overview of busses running in the Carsystem.


Cars of Knuffingen's police station


Cars which are running on the streets of Wunderland.

RC Cars

Radio controlled cars

Aid agencies

Emergency vehicles of different aid organisations.


Emergency vehicles of the American section.


Vehicles which have been forcibly sorted out.


Emergency vehicles of the Scandinavian section.

THW vehicles

Vehicles of the THW, a Germany disaster relief organisation.

Knuffingen Airport

Vehicles of the Knuffingen Airport

List of vehicles

You'll find all vehicles sorted by groups in the list of vehicles

New Cars

In unserer Modellbauwiki erfahren Sie noch mehr ├╝ber das Carsystem.