A350-800 Airport Hamburg

Traffic Control Knuffingen Airport - Report for the aircraft No. 24

Last inspection at odometer reading 1199 Km and 16878 landings on 12.02.2018.

Aircraft No. 24
Type A350-800
Operator Airport Hamburg
Identification -
Day of Maiden Flight 12.11.2010
Length 60,60 cm
Heigth 16,90 cm
Wingspread 64,75 cm
Lights 47 pc.
Accumulator capacity 3,6 Volt at 2,8 Ah
  Taxi light
  Landing lights
  2 operable jet propulsions
  Interior lights dimmed (take-off/ landing)
  Interior lights bright (for boarding)
  Position lights
  Cockpit lights

The A350-800 Hamburg Airport is a fictional model non-existing in reality so far. The special edition lacquering was designed for the occasion of the centennial of the Hamburg Airport. The aircraft has two operational jet propulsions.


  • The big, wide world
  • Far far away
  • Going home

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