Miscellaneous aircrafts

In the category "Special models" you'll find rare aircrafts or airlines. Knuffingen Airport is not only being approached by typical Airbus and Boeings. Even older airplanes like a DC6 or the Superconstellation belong to the inventory just as newer ones do.

No. 6 - Airbus A320

Technical data of the Airbus A320, which is in service for "Doctors without Borders".

No. 12 - TU154-M

Technical data of the Tupolev TU154-M Aeroflot.

No. 22 - Douglas DC-6

Technische data of the Douglas DC-6 Redbull.

No. 28 - 787-800

Technical data of the Boeing 787-800.

No. 33 - Space Shuttle

Technical data of the Space Shuttle.