Boeing 747-400 Lufthansa

Traffic Control Knuffingen Airport - Report for aircraft No. 18

Last inspection at odometer reading 1358 Km and 19019 landings on 12.02.2018.

Aircraft No. 18
Type 747-400
Operator Lufthansa
Identification D-ABVX
Day of Maiden Flight 01.10.2010
Length 70,60 cm
Height 19,40 cm
Wingspread 64,60 cm
Lights 129 pc.
Accumulator capacity 3,6 Volt at 2,8 Ah
Features 127 speed levels
  Taxi light
  Landing lights
  4 operable jet propulsion engines
  Interior lights dimmed (take-off/landing)
  Interior lights bright (for boarding)
  Position lights
  Cockpit lights
  Logo lights

The Boeing 747-400 is a jumbo jet. It was built from 2 747-200 models, whereby the upper deck was elongated, the wings were modified, and winglets were added.

It is a fully operable quadruple engined jet propulsion aircraft.

The given name is "Düsseldorf"


  • Singapore
  • Dubai
  • New York JFK

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