Passenger Airport Knuffingen

After a six year construction period encompassing 150.000 working hours during which we connected 40.000 LEDs, laid 100 km of electric wiring, set 15.000 miniature figures, installed 1000 meters of railway tracks, wrote more than 50.000 of program lines, and turned 3.5 million Euro into miniatures, we  made it on May 4th 2011 - we inaugurated our "Knuffingen Airport, at last.

In order to simulate round-about 360 take-offs and landings on a daily basis, we tried many different systems. In the end we've decided to use a catapult which is able to let a fleet of up to 40 aircrafts glide through the air.

In addition, you can find an extensive car system at the Airport. Next to a well-equipped Airport fire brigade (which rolls into action including 40 vehicles in case of an emergency landing), there are numerous busses and service vehicles, e.g. catering vehicles, facility trucks, de-icing vehicles, push-backs, and many more...

The Airport layout is linked with the Knuffingen layout by an automatic charging station (where we added 32 new charging boxes), which can be used by vehicles from both layouts.

In Gerrit's Diary we've reported about the construction progress in the past. Please, take a look!