Technology of the Miniatur Wunderland

The Miniatur Wunderland is without doubt a 'wonder' not only because of its landscape and surface area, but also due to the technology used to under-pin the exhibit.

Gerrit Braun and the model-making team have pushed the limits of model construction, with a large part of the exhibit custom-designed and built.  It was not possible to use only ‘off-the-shelf’ parts and electronics, primarily because such components are not meant for continuous operation. Additionally, there is a lack of a large parts-base to support our scale of 1:87.  Thus, for example, most of our 150 push-button action sequences are custom-created, as are our Car and Ship Navigation systems.  

In the sections that follow, we describe in detail some of the technology, facts and statistics of these systems.

Unfortunately, due to the large amount of innovative technology we have used in the Wunderland, we cannot present all the information here; but we definitely highlight the most interesting points!

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