1933 bis 1942- The Nazi regime's seizure of political power

The year 1933 is dominated by the Nazi regime's seizure of power, which terminates the era of the Weimar Republic, and marks the beginning of the so-called Third Reich.

The Castle

Nowadays, the castle is exemplary for the architecture of the Nazi regime. The architecture of other buildings also reflects the brute style of the Nazis.



Legion Condor

At the inner bailey, the aviators of the Legion Condor are being welcomed. They are supporting General Franco, and thus, they are contributing significantly to the victory of the National Socialist rebels over the democrats.

Hitler Youth

The overwhelming superiority of the Nazi regime is ever present. Even children are firmly integrated in the system. At the town greens you can see boys of the Hitler Youth performing a paramilitary exercise.

In town, some of them are betraying Jews to the Nazis.


The persecution of the Jews becomes ever more intense. In front of the school, Jewish residents are being registered in order to be deported to concentration camps, subsequently.


In the year 1938, the synagogue is being demolished at the Kristallnacht, also referred to as the Night of the Broken Glass. The property of Jewish families is being plundered.

Destruction of the Infrastructure

No one is cheering at military units dispatch from town, anymore. More and more refugees return from battle areas. Any kind of important provisions are being secured against enemy troops - this bridge is being mined by the army.

"Strength Through Joy"

On the river, people take pleasure boat trips, organized by the leisure organization "Kraft durch Freude (KdF)" (German transl. for "Strength Through Joy"). Participants try not to perceive  the terror all around them.

Forced labour

The factory is being operated exclusively with imprisoned workers from labour camps, or concentration camps, respectively. Many of them die as a result of terrible labour and prison conditions. Ordinary workers are fighting at the war front.

Often, trucks deliver new prisoners, meaning forced labourers, at the factory.