1910 - 1933 - Kaiser Wilhelm until Weimar Republic

The country steers right into the global economic crisis of the 1920's, peaking in the Great Depression starting in October 1929. The population is facing social hardships and unemployment.

Welfare organizations establish soup kitchens, distributing warm meals to the poor.

As a consequence of the hyper-inflation, money becomes worthless.

The Castle

Germany is largely militarized. Now, the castle is serving as a military hospital for the injured in World War I.

Each day, more wounded are being delivered. They are supposed to be fit for battle again, as soon as possible.

For war propaganda reasons, they are being photographed outdoors, in the sunlight.


At the same time, people are trying to liberate themselves from restricted social norms and political constrictions. A movement, which becomes evident in the changes in architecture, art, and fashion, the so-called secession. The attitude to life becomes ever more liberated. This is the time of the Victorian dress reform, aka the rational dress movement, where women are wearing the first rational dresses, without corset.

Advertising columns show the first commercial placards - as nudity is still considered offensive, people are appalled at the sight of a scandalous exhibition announcement ad.

The dawning of democracy is being shattered in the 1930's with rising National Socialism, also known as Nazism. People of all social ranks show their anti-semitic mind set ever more obviously and publicly.

Ever so often, there are riots between trade unionists and right-wing extremists.