1600 bis 1789 - The Baroque Era until the French Revolution

The Town

Castle and town are separate and independent centers of power. Between the two, military and political conflicts arise ever so often.

The Lord

The lord leads a lavish lifestyle, foremost in order to display his princely powers, and for the pleasure of his court members. Court extravagancies call for a lot of money. In order to cover his expenses, the lord lends his troops to third parties at war overseas.

The River

Troops are embarking - riverboats are much larger, nowadays, and they have become an important means of transport, not only due to the unsafe mainland roads.

Manufactories and Inventions

Manufactories, e.g. carriage shops, expand and spread, and technical inventions and developments evolve more and more.

The discovery of the vacuum by Otto von Guericke renders the development of steam engines and turbines possible.

And the dream of men flying materializes with the aid of hot air balloons, among others.


Agriculture is changing. Cultivation and harvesting methods become more efficient, and crop yieldings are rising. The potatoe is being cultivated and introduced against starvation in the country. Farmers still have to perform labour services as a duty towards their lord. Moreover, in many cases they have to buy seeds from him.

Mercenary Soldiers

In addition, the country population is suffering under the cruelties of different mercenary armies, who are assaulting them, and extorting tributes from them. Ever so often, armed conflicts claim many lives.

As compared to the country population, townspeople are better sheltered by the city wall.