Modellbau Luft

Modellbau Luft: We don't build castles in the air but make and produce unusual and very detailed modelbuildings and diorama for customer requests. Those models are made to specification. However, a choice of scenes is also produced in very small production runs. They are made predominantly from gypsum, but also from resin and nickel silver.

We attach great importance to fitting accuracy, very high faithfulness to reality and therefore originality. Our models are copies of the nature and the technical literature and are engraved by hand stone by stone. That's why parts of ruins and walls have e.g. realistic mural thickness and stone sizes to scale.

Our specialty goods are castles, ruins, old buildings as well as dioramas. 

Contact details

Manfred Luft
Stein├Ąckerweg 5.
89173 Lonsee

Telefon: +49 7336 784
Telefax: +49 7336 92 15 45