First Impressions

Soon to come: the sticker albums are being printed right now. Probably, they will be available in Wunderland and the common market in the middle of March 2010. In the upcoming days we will show you first impressions on this site.

Trade sticker album

This picture shows the first of altogether 32 pages of the Miniatur Wunderland Panini album. Blank spaces are already waiting to be filled. 


Sticker bags

This is how sticker bags available at German stores, or in Miniatur Wunderland, will look like. Each bag contains five stickers. Really exciting will be the moments you tear open a bags to supplement the pieces still missing in your collection.


The first sticker

On the left, you can already see one of the first sticker images. But later on, there will be many more showing Miniatur Wunderland and its habitants from different perspectives.