Dear Wunderland Fans, Dear Kids,

Since the very beginnings of Minatur Wunderland we were dreaming of creating our own Panini collectible sticker album. We finally made it! From March on, it will get published throughout Germany. The album is being printed right now, and we are looking forward to the first copies.

We took a lot of time to carefully choose images and ideas for the album. We not only considered our own ideas, but also used some coming from third parties. Among 200 beautiful Wunderland stickers you will find the most popular details, the most striking night images, twelve of the best-known Wunderland faces, and even voucher stickers.

A first selection of what to expect, is already listed here:

- A Poster in DIN A3 Format (double page size)

Free admission to Wunderland when the album is completely full

- Voucher sticker
- Glitter sticker
- Staff sticker
- A column with the most popular details

Stickers and the collectible album are available on site, or in our online shop, of course. We will also try to get the stickers into the common German market. However, that venture lies not in our power, alone. Right now, we are planning the middle of March 2010 for publication.