ebay-auctions to help the earthquake victims

Ebay-Auctions to help the earthquake victims in Haiti

A terrible earthquake has struck Haiti in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, destroying large parts of the island. The death toll is estimated at 100.000. Large parts of the Capital Port-au-Prince have also been destroyed. According to the ambassador, all life necessities are lacking: “Medical supplies, tents, food, water – Haiti is desperate for everything".

We have decided to help, and came up with this auction, among other actions: In the upcoming days, we will auction off an airplane (starting 14.01), a ship (starting 16.01), a locomotive (14.01), a truck driving through Wunderland (15.01), and one mountain with castle (14.01). The proceeds of this auction will be donated to 100% to benefit the people of Haiti.

Your own Airbus A320

Place your bid on an Airbus A320!

In 2010, we will open the new layout in Miniatur Wunderland – a big Airport. Here, aircrafts will be starting and landing on a regular basis, among others an Airbus A320, which you can design after your own liking. We will lacquer this airplane according to your wishes, and equip it with laborious technique, so it will approach and take off at Knuffingen Airport regularly, for the next three years.

Everyone can place his bid! If you've ever dreamt of having your private jet or your own fleet, you can approach this dream with your plane in miniature. But also companies, or already existing airlines are invited to participate to bid on this aircraft in order to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake.


Your own mountain in Miniatur Wunderland

Most mountains of this world have been ascended already, and got their name a long time ago. Only few summits, like the Gankhar Puensum are still unscaled, and renaming of a summit happens rarely. We have a beautiful mountain in Miniatur Wunderland, waiting to be named by you!

The winner of this auction can put his summit cross on top of the Klosterberg in the Harz region of Miniatur Wunderland, and rename it after his preference. Also you can give this castle in the foothills a new name. The new names will replace the previous ones in all information materials, so annually 1.000.000 guests will gaze at your very own mountain. Of course, also companies are invited to bid, as already happened in the Eastern Tyrol region. You can see the mountain and the castle on the photo.

ebay Auction

Your own locomotive in Miniatur Wunderland

In this auction we give you the possibility to own our locomotive running in Wunderland for a period of three years. We will design the decals of this locomotive according to your wishes. Companies can use the locomotive for advertisement; private persons can design it after their liking. The locomotive will make its rounds in Miniatur Wunderland on a daily basis to be gazed at by a million guests annually.

It is a type BR 101, a typical advertisement train of the German Federal Railway. If you care about who's the manufacturer of the locomotive, or whether we will use it on 3-way-rails or 2-way-rails, we will take that into consideration.

ebay auction

Your own truck in Miniatur Wunderland

In this auction we'll give you the possibility to become proprietor/tress of your very own truck running in Wunderland for a period of three years. We will design the decals of this truck according to your wishes.

Companies can use the truck for advertisement; private persons can design it after their liking. The truck will make its rounds in Miniatur Wunderland on a daily basis to be gazed at by a million guests annually.

ebay auction


We will allow almost everything to name the models. We will, however, reserve the right to reject certain suggestions. We won’t accept propaganda for political parties, or extremists’ or otherwise offensive slogans. If you want to have a design or name which is out of the ordinary, please contact us BEFOREHAND.

We will incur all expenses for the models, the prints, and maintenance, of course. As the winner of the auctions, you only have to transfer your bid to „Aktion Deutschland hilft e.V.“ After confirmation, we will lacquer and name the model according to your specifications.

We will report about the item and the successful bidder on all available channels: our Newsletter, our web site, and in our informations to the public press, unless the successful bidder wants to stay anonymous. Also, we will overturn the finished model, as well as a lifelong “visa” to Wunderland for the bidder in a festive ceremony. A spot on our hall of fame has already been reserved.

Together with ‚Aktion Deutschland hilft’ we have decided to help where it’s needed most. Talking to people on site, we learned about the hospital of ADRA, which was hit very badly. The local physicians are working day-and-night since Tuesday, in the heavily damaged building. They are lacking all of the basic necessities. We decided to donate all of the money to that hospital, distributed and surveyed by “Aktion Deutschland hilft e.V.” The money will buy necessary medical supplies, help in rebuilding the hospital.

In case of any questions, you can contact us (+49(40)300 6 800). We are looking forward to your bid, and hope, that you will inform as many people as possible about this auction in order to raise as many funds as possible for the people of Haiti.

These auctions are a matter of the heart for us. We hope, they are for you, too. At this point we want to remark, that we will spoil the fun forcefully and at high expenses for all fake bidders. We won't accept anyone having his fun with the misery of the Hatians. We therefore ask all bidders above 1000,- € to send a short e-mail with your name, Ebay user ID, address, and phone number to ebay@miniatur-wunderland.de

Attention: for these auctions, all consumer revocation rights are void!