The programme EEP - Eisenbahn.exe

The cosmos of model railways is fascinating for everyone no matter if young or old. Affectionately arranged landscapes and accurately placed trains and wagons make the hearts of all age groups swell.  

The possibility to realize railway-dreams at the computer is long existent already and isn't inferior to the model-making in reality. In the beginning it was just an idea: A model railway world without any boundaries, made from out of nowhere, shaped according to one's own belief and one's own wishes. Why isn't there a computer programme which makes it possible to realize these dreams? Good question. Two students, enthusiastic about railways since they were little boys, didn't want to accept this fact anymore. And this is how the initial idea was developed into a programme, which has become the unquestioned market leader with more than 300,000 sold copies. The software is successful and it seems as it has still set the course for success.

"Eisenbahn.exe": The railway simulation, which was published under this name and then – end of the 90s – still fit on a single disc, seems comparatively moderate from today's point of view. The engines and railways were running through a world which has been far away from the reality which we know today. Still the beginning was made and the first step was done. After that an expanded version followed – “Eisenbahn.exe European Class“ – with new models and above all with the first attempt of landscape and ground modelling. With it the course had been set which would leverage the programme with the new name "Eisenbahn.exe Professionell". Henceforth there was nothing to stop it.  

No matter if "EEP 2.x" or "EEP 3.0": Each new version of the railway simulation surprised the user with more models, even more accessories and more features. However, "EEP" is still far away from being at the finish or even at the end. A very fast growing community of comitted developers and users has brought the programme into being and does everything for the further development of it. In the meantime, EEP 5.0 has been launched, which enhances the railway on the computer with new and much longed for features.

What is it that makes this simulation, which has been an unexpected success after a short time, so interesting and unique? The secret of success is less the endless possibilities but more the new dimensions which "EEP" provides for users and constructors.  

Where else could you realise such a railway world? Big enough for otherwise not unaccomplishable dreams and at the same time small enough to fit into a notebook for travelling. Where else could you develop a traffic system where not only trains are rolling, but – unlike with modelling – also trams and cars, ships and aircrafts are running? To plan, create and finally to control such a railway world with different travelways and the correspondent schedules is an experience which no model or even the reality is able to offer.

During the years the number of fans and the community of the simulation constantly grew. More and more users found the variety and the endless possibilities of "EEP".