iPIX Panorama Pictures

If you would like to see the pictures with high resolution (each 800 KB), please use the buttons underneath the pictures. By moving the curser over the picture, you can see the whole panorama picture. With the left mouse button you can tune the speed and you get back to the start. There is a magnifying glass in the centre of the picture. You can zoom in or zoom out of the picture with the buttons (+) and (-).

Your computer must have Java installed to see the iPIX pictures.

Bad Klosterberg

iPIX Panorama of the town Bad Klosterberg in the Harz section.


iPIX Panorama of the Landungsbrücken in the Hamburg section.


iPIX Panorama of the town St. Wendel in the Alps.

Outside Main Station Hamburg

iPix Panorama of the area outside the main station in Hamburg.

Hamburg Harbour

iPix Panorama of the Köhlbrandbrücke the in Hamburg section.

Hamburg Michel

iPIX Panorama of the city’s landmark the Michel in the Hamburg section.


iPIX Panorama of the birth city of Wunderland's Carsystem.

Mühlbach valley

iPIX Panorama of the Mühlbach valley in the Harz section.

What is an iPIX-Panorama-Picture?

An iPIX-Panorama is generated by taping two opposing pictures with a Fisheye-Lens and a special rotator. The patent-registered iPIX-Panorama-Technic connects two halfs of the picture to one by means of special software.

Here you can download the iPix-Plugin-Software. However, you don’t need that to watch our pictures as we use Java-Script.

All Panorama-Pictures have been created by OV-Medien GmbH in Hamburg.