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The Miniatur Wunderland consists of hundreds and thousands of details. Every detail shows a special scene of life in the Wunderland and in turn, can be discovered from different perspectives. That’s why it is impossible to visually copy the whole Wunderland. Therefore, our photo gallery only shows a small selection of especially beautiful scenes and details from Wunderland’s life. The pictures are sorted according to layout parts. If you click on a photo, the processing mode opens. You can use the buttons „forward“ and „back“ to switch pictures or klick „close“ to get back to the list. In the section visitor pictures you can upload your own pictures of the Wunderland or have a look at those taken by other visitors.



Picture galleries of Section Airport Knuffingen


A section of superlatives: Switzerland


Pictures of the Scandinavian section.


Wunderland's America


Hamburg in the Wunderland

Alps Austria

Previously the Alps, today Austria...


Knuffingen - Home to the Carsystem


The oldest section: Harz


The guided tour "Behind the scenes" is a highlight of every Miniatur Wunderland visit.


The Wunderland was built in more than 500,000 working hours - here you find pictures from different stages.


Alle Fotos Copyright Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH
Fotograf: Frank Zarges

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