There are many different ways and perspectives from which to examine the Miniatur Wunderland. Little stories, fantastic panorama or rapid train rides – the Wunderland provides endless visual impressions. In this section we want to show you a broad range of them. Moreover, you have the possibility to share your impressions with others. Besides a great number of pictures and videos, you will find a podcast, a TV Channel with stories from the Wunderland as well as games and a virtual tour.


Photo Galleries

Here you can find many photos of the exhibit, you can upload your own pictures or have a look at Wunderland’s VIPs.


Watch videos and TV programmes about the Wunderland here.



In this section you regularly find new stories from the Wunderland.


You can watch different live pictures from the Wunderland here as well as the picture of the hour.


You can get our stories audio-visually by using our podcast.


In this section you can experience the Miniatur Wunderland by playing games.