Atze Schröder

The Miniatur Wunderland is connected to comedian Atze Schröder by a fan friendship. Both founders, Gerrit and Frederik Braun, are great supporters of him.

Hamburg Atze Schroeder Detail
In the largest event hall of the Hamburg layout, Atze Schröder is performing his comedy show.

It has been reported, that Atze Schröder after his first visit here at The Wunderland, has been raving about it on stage in his following performances. It has however not been confirmed, that his 2007 tour “Atze im Wunderland” has anything to do with the Miniatur Wunderland.

What is clear is, that Atze has been part of the Wunderland long before the tour in 2007. In our Hamburg theme world he is performing in front of an audience of 432 enthusiastic Wunderland inhabitants every day. His jokes don’t just make the Wunderlandians laugh, but also many of our visitors.